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Educational Sales

Sales to colleges, businesses, and other institutions through our distributor, The Video Project, are priced as low as — $295

Colleges (DVD with Digital Site License) — $395

Community Screenings

K-12 Schools, Public Libraries, Non-Profits — $89

Greg Taylor celebrating his birthday

In Pursuit of Justice

This film is available to educational institutions, and community groups through our distributor, The Video Project.


Book an Appearance for Your Special Screening

Jamie Huss presenting to theatre

Invite one of the filmmakers, or one of the people in the film, to present In Pursuit of Justice at your screening to help Greg’s story and the story of criminal justice reform connect with everyone who comes to see it. We love to meet your audiences, discuss the issues the film raises and, of course, answer questions!


Promoting your screening as a special event featuring someone who helped make the film, or who was in it, is an excellent way to ensure a sell-out crowd!


The following are some of the cast and/or crew members who regularly speak at screenings and events. We ask for a speaker’s fee and travel expenses to help offset the costs associated with each of them taking time out of their busy schedules. Speaking fees start at $650 plus travel expenses.


Gregg Jamback and Jamie Huss

Gregg Jamback and Jamie Huss, the director and co-producers of the film can talk about the issues in Greg Taylor’s case and the reforms that led to his release. They are also happy to talk about the challenges and rewards of making the film.


Chris Mumma

Chris Mumma is (still) Greg’s attorney – In her work as the Executive Director of the North Carolina Center on Actual Innocence (NCCAI) she has represented seven people who have been successful in the post-conviction proceedings. Chris has also been a leader in reforming North Carolina’s Criminal Justice System. If you are an advocacy group, Chris will inspire you to take action. LEARN MORE


Greg Taylor presents to Wake Forest Law School

Greg Taylor

Of course, no one knows this story better than Greg Taylor. Our audiences are always spellbound when Greg participates in the Q&A after a screening of the film. As a NCCAI board member Greg works to support the Center’s exoneration and reform work.


Mandy Locke

At the time of Greg’s exoneration Mandy was a reporter for the News & Observer in Raleigh, NC. She is intimately familiar with Greg’s case and the fallout that happened after the revelations of the “misrepresentation” of the Blood Evidence in Greg’s case. 

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